Masonry is a trade that has played a key role in some of the most impressive buildings construction. This profession involves the construction of structures such as houses, bridges, and tunnels, using materials such as stone, brick, concrete and mortar.

Masons are trained and highly skilled craftspeople, they have extensive knowledge of building materials and techniques. This is a profession that requires great manual skill. Professionals must be able to read plans, accurately measure, and handle heavy and bulky materials. There are many tools useful to their activity like trowels, levels, saws …

They are responsible for preparing the surfaces that will accommodate walls, foundations, floor and all other architectural elements.


What materials for masonry?

There are 3 main materials used by masons in Montpellier and Béziers.


It is indeed the oldest and noblest technique. Buildings built with stone are known for being durable, resistant and aesthetic. It is a material that is now increasingly used to build historical and heritage monuments. Professionals who work with stone must be able to work the stone accurately using special tools (chisels, hammers). Also, they have the ability to select appropriate stones according to their size, shape and texture.


This is the second most used material by masons. The construction of concrete buildings is often the most economical solution compared to stone, but still guarantees resistance and durability. Its use is mainly for foundations, wall and floor constructions. The golden rules of the mason are to know how to mix concrete correctly, pour it and smooth it to ensure a smooth and uniform finish.


This material is the opposite of stone generally used to build walls, chimneys or build facades. Amongst the 3 materials, it is the easiest to work with, which makes it a popular choice for masons. For a brick professional, it is necessary to know how to lay the bricks in such a way as to obtain straight and uniform joints, practicing techniques such as binding and spacing.


Masonry work for a new construction

In masonry in Béziers, construction began as soon as the foundations were installed. The mason will pour the foundations and the slab.  He will then draw the lines, put in place the reinforcement and the markings. He will position the skeleton or framework of the building. In addition to all these steps, the mason can form and mould reinforced concrete parts to make floors, for example. He takes charge of the assembly of various load-bearing elements: slabs, beams, partitions, floors, façade panels, walls, etc. He must also master the laying and sealing of prefabricated panels such as staircases, cornices, lintels and doorways. He applies plaster to interior and exterior walls. Finally, he finishes with finishing and decoration.



In the construction of a building, masons are required to work with other professionals such as carpenters, electricians, plumbers…

Together, they work hard to build solid and sustainable foundations that meet safety and quality standards.


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