Roof renovation is one of the most expensive elements but you should not forget that it is what will protect your home. It ensures the safety of your home, which requires that no leak or damage is overlooked. The renovation of a roof can also be the occasion to optimize the space by fitting out your attic.

For a renovation, there are 4 types of work :

  • Replacement of the roof covering
  • Changing the insulation
  • Installation of a roof underlayment
  • Installation of a completely new roof


Replacing the roof covering

It is recommended to change the roof covering as soon as you notice that it is damaged. There are different coverings available for your roof (in some municipalities/regions, a roofing style is imposed to the inhabitants for their roofs). The advice is not to wait too long to change your roof, in order to avoid waterproofing problems.

When you choose to change your roof, an alternative is possible. To save time, it is possible to install a roof over the existing one.


Installing a roof underlayment

The under-roofing screen is an element that protects the insulation and the roofing from bad weather (wind, water…), while letting the steam generated inside the house evaporate. This technique is used on modern roofs, but old houses are not necessarily equipped with it.

This solution is recommended when the roof and the frame are still in good condition but there are no other elements to protect it.


Replace the entire roof

This is the most expensive solution. Complete roof replacement occurs when the roofing and framing are damaged, there is significant sagging or the roof has serious moisture problems. As previously mentioned, this is the last resort.

In fact, when you do work on your roof, it is possible to optimize the space by installing attic space. This solution brings the possibility of bringing additional square meters of living space (solution even more adapted when the urban density does not allow to increase the size of the house on the ground plot).

If you are concerned about lighting, you don’t need to look any further. Do you want to save energy ? Install roof windows, this will allow you to bring natural light directly, which will also make it more pleasant to live in the room.


For roof renovation, some cases require attention to the regulations

If you are replacing your roof with an identical one, then you will not be required to make any declaration.

On the other hand, if you modify the external aspect of your roof or your frame, if you carry out roof repair work that increases the living space or if you modify the external aspect of your house, you will be asked to make a preliminary declaration of work or to file a building permit.

  • Prior declaration of works : It concerns the creation of new floor space between 5 and 20m2 (between 20 and 40m2 for the communes having a POS or PLU, if the total surface of the house after the works does not exceed 150m2. Examples: modification of the frame
  • Building permit : It concerns the creation of a new floor surface of more than 20m2 (40m2 for the communes having a POS or PLU) and the modification of the bearing structure or the frontage of the dwelling. Example: modification of the facade


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